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Eyelid cysts

Meibomion glands are oil glands, about 30 each eyelid, which open onto the eyelid margin behind the lashes. If a gland blocks it continues to produce oil and fills to form a swelling in the eyelid, a chalazion cyst.

Eyelid inflammation may develop suddenly as a reaction to oil leak into surrounding eyelid tissue or infection.

Small, symptom free chalazions may disappear spontaneously, while large inflammations may be painful and cause blurred vision.

Chalazions are common, more so if blepharitis is present, and may recur.


Hot Compress

Some chalazions will disappear within a few weeks when treated with heat and massage. A hot compress, a clean cloth soaked with hot (shower temperature) water, is applied to the closed eyelid for 2-3 minutes. This aims to open the gland and soften the secretions. The eyelid is then massaged with a finger, 5-10 times, towards the lashes (down on the top lids and up on the bottom lids). This should be done 2-3 times per day for 2-3 weeks. The chalazion may persist.

Surgical Incision and Drainage

Chalazions not responsive to treatment can be surgically opened and drained.

Where a chalazion appears in the same place, a biopsy may be appropriate to rule out other problems.

Chalazion (eyelid cyst) *
Large Chalazion (eyelid cyst) *
* All photographs were taken by Dr Davies and are
used with the written permission of his patients.


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