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Benign, wedge shaped growth

A pterygium is a benign, wedge shaped growth consisting of conjunctival tissue that extends onto the cornea.

Some become inflamed and red at times, while others may be large and/or thick, causing discomfort or interfering with vision. Generally, however, it may be safely left alone. It is not a cancer, nor will it develop into a cancer.

Pterygia are more likely to develop in people who spend a lot of time in the sun. The actual cause is unknown, however genetic factors may feature, as pterygia can run in families. Many need no treatment.


Surgical removal is advisable in cases where:

  • Redness due to numerous blood vessels in the pterygium makes the eye look bloodshot. (Topical medications can reduce this temporarily);
  • The leading edge of the pterygium pulls the cornea, distorting its shape causing astigmatism;
  • Normal vision is threatened by a large pterygium growing over the pupil;
  • Persistent irritation, tearing and discomfort are experienced;
  • Pterygium interferes with the wearing of contact lenses;
  • Appearance of pterygium is unsightly.
Pterygium *
* All photographs were taken by Dr Davies and are
used with the written permission of his patients.


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