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Thyroid Eye Disease

Found in the neck, the thyroid gland produces thyroid hormone which aids in the regulation of the body’s metabolism. In hyperthyroidism, or Graves’ disease, the overproduction of this hormone can cause problems with the eye and vision.

Symptoms related to the eye may fluctuate or even disappear. They include dryness, irritation, discomfort from a feeling of pressure, swelling of the eyelids and protrusion, sometimes causing double vision or vision loss.


Initially treatment focuses on reducing discomfort and avoiding double vision and vision loss. After the eyes stabilize, which can take up to three years, the permanent changes are treated. This can mean prescription of ointments or eye drops, spectacles or surgery.
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Thyroid Eye Disease | Before Surgery *
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Thyroid Eye Disease | Before Surgery *
* All photographs were taken by Dr Davies and are
used with the written permission of his patients.


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